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Introducing Jessica

Hello and welcome to my website. It contains a lot of information about what defines me as one of San Francisco’s premier companions, and I am glad you’ve decided to visit.

My name is Jessica and I am an exclusive companion for San Francisco and surrounds. People have often remarked on my exotic looks. The fact is, I was born in California, but retain a great deal of my Spanish-influenced Filipino roots. I am proud of my luscious curves and sultry beauty, but I will let you be the judge when we meet in person! Being university-educated, I am also well-spoken in many topics and love to have meaningful conversations over drinks.

I place great value in my spirituality, as well as taking care of myself in the physical sense. Channelling my enthusiasm and energy towards learning and exotic adventures, my experiences are what makes me the woman I am today. You can be assured that I am respectful, genuine and polite as a companion – yours 100% for the time that we are together. Believe me when I say I love to laugh and live my life with passion - and it would be my pleasure to share this world with you.

I enjoy indulging the needs of successful and kind gentlemen, providing an urban oasis and much-needed reprieve away from the demands of their busy lifestyle. It would be my absolute pleasure to accommodate your desires and create the perfect mood. If you are looking for an intimate connection and restorative experience with an exotic beauty, you need only ask…

Whether you would like to sneak away for naughty rendezvous during business hours, charm me over a candlelit dinner, or curl up with a bottle of wine, there is plenty for us to do. I look forward to bringing smiles and lots of laughter during our time together. Be careful though – you might find me to be ever so addictive!

With love,


Encounters Duration Rates
Extended Encounters Duration Rates


 I am available to the following locations: Downtown San Francisco - SFO International Airport - Palo Alto - Silicon Valley - San Jose

*  Dates with the duration of 4+ hours require refreshments and nourishment for the both of us. Please plan ahead of time.  I will also notify you of my light and easy dietary preferences.

** Travel fees will apply.   


- Incalls are a case by case basis, depending on the city I visit. Please email me if this is your request. If it is your preference that we have an Incall in your preferred city, please cover the cost of accommodations.  I am happy to book a location of my choice, also based on availability.  

* As a good hostess, for Dates with a duration of 4+ hours, refreshments and nourishment is required for the both of us. Please inform me of your light and easy dietary preferences. I will do my best to accommodate this. 



1. All new friends must be verified, no exceptions. This is an important process for safety purposes.

2. Plenty of advance notice is strongly encouraged so we can plan our time together accordingly.

3. The preferred minimum is 2 hours as this gives us sufficient time to get to know each other. 

4. Please respect my time and I will do the same for you. ~If for some reason you are delayed or simply running behind, please contact me and let me know. I will also grant you the same courtesy.

5. Be prepared to show I.D. Your ID must match the name given on booking form!

6. Cash is the only accepted form of payment.  Please leave donation in envelope on bathroom counter. There will be no discussion of donation. If you would like to extend, please have donation ready beforehand.  

7. Chivalry goes a long way with me. I always recognize small gestures and show my appreciation in many ways. ;)


Are your photos genuine?
Absolutely. All my photos are 100% genuine, and have only been blurred for my own privacy.

How can I spend time with you?

You can easily make a reservation through my booking page. I will always reply within 24 hours to confirm our booking.

Are discounts available for your rates? 
I am sorry, but my considerations are not negotiable. 

Is screening absolutely necessary?

Yes, if this is the first time you’ve gotten in touch with me, this is a necessary step to arranging our time together. The verification process will allow us to feel safe and completely relaxed in each other’s company. Rest assured that any information shared is strictly confidential and will be deleted after our date.

How would you like to be spoiled?

Thoughtfulness, chivalry and generosity mean a lot to me, and make me weak at the knees. Gifts are not expected, although if you have taken the time to get me something, I thank you in advance for the gesture! Surprise me! https://amzn.com/w/O4CJGSZYBHFM

How should I handle your donation?

My consideration should be pre-counted, preferably large bills, and placed in an unopened envelope in a visible place, at the start of our date.

Could you organize the dinner reservation?

Yes certainly. If you are new to San Francisco and surrounds and would like me to make arrangements for you ahead of our date, I would be happy to do so. Please provide details of your stay and I will do my best to make your stay an unforgettable one!

I love spending time with you and can not get enough. Are you open to a long-term arrangement?
If we have undeniable chemistry and are both completely wild about one another, I will consider a long-term arrangement.  We can discuss this further in private.

Reservation Form

Thank you so much for going through my website and discovering that bit more about me. I would like to invite you to take the next step to arrange our date together. Please do provide more information about yourself, and details of our upcoming date. For safety purposes, screening is also necessary, but rest assured that any verification information is deleted after our date, and will never be used in a careless manner. To proceed, please fill in the form below: (Alternatively, you can email me these details anytime via my email at exoticjessicasf@gmail.com)

Full Name *
Date of birth *
Home City/State/Zip *
Phone Number *

Please provide brief details of your employment (all details are kept confidential and deleted after the screening process is complete).

Company Name
Company Website
Company Phone

Engagement Details
Please provide details of your engagement request below.

Desired Date *
Desired Time *
Location *

If applicable, please provide the reference of at least one verification site and one other provider with whom you've met with recently. Please include your ID, and in the case of providers - their email address and any additional details.

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Private Area

Hi there, it looks like you have stumbled across my private gallery! I will be adding some exclusive images to this section. 

This area is for Selected Regular Friends only.  Sorry, no requests granted. 

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